4 Myths About Blue-Collar Careers

The home service industry has been hit especially hard by the ongoing labor shortage. Plumbing, HVAC and electrical service providers have struggled to stay on pace with consumer demand as fewer and fewer high school graduates pursue careers in the skilled trades.

But we continue to funnel the next generation of the American workforce straight into expensive colleges and universities, where they might accumulate tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars of debt before some of them realize a career as a mechanic or electrician is right for them.

Misperceptions and Opportunities

There are opportunities for smart, talented and hard-working people in almost any field, whether you have a bachelor’s degree or not. But misperceptions about blue-collar industries persist that prevent many young people from taking advantage of them.

  1. Blue-collar jobs are a last resort: If you want to be a doctor or stock broker, a job in plumbing won’t make you happy. But if you like working with your hands, solving problems and using technical expertise to help people, it might be exactly the job for you.
  • Blue-collar jobs are boring: Not everyone wants to work in an office or stare at a screen all day. Skilled labor involves problem-solving and technical challenges and rewards experience and applied knowledge. It can be just as creative and satisfying as any white-collar work.
  • Blue-collar workers earn less than their college-graduate counterparts: Skilled workers can often make more than many of their college graduate counterparts after just a couple of years of training, and they start their career free of debt. A six-figure income is realistic for a mid-career skilled position, and there’s always the option of moving into management or owning your own business.
  • There’s no future in blue-collar jobs: Besides above-average incomes and opportunities for advancement, virtual reality, 3D printing, automation, artificial intelligence and IoT are expanding the possibilities in manufacturing, transportation, construction and home services – and opening the way for a revolution in our built environment that will demand new skills and innovative thinking from a new generation.  

As an experienced home service public relations firm, Ripley PR is committed to busting these and other myths about blue-collar careers. With our team of PR experts and award-winning journalists, we can help your home service business break through the misinformation and reach the next generation of skilled trade workers. Contact Ripley PR online or call (865) 977-1973.

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