4 Familiar Crisis Situations for Construction Firms – and How PR Can Help

A jobsite accident isn’t the only potential crisis facing a contractor. Just like any other modern business, construction firms are at risk for a range of situations that could generate negative media attention.

In fact, the particular demands of construction put contractors at higher risk than many other professions. Some are out of your control but still threaten your company’s reputation; others are the result of bad decisions or bad behavior. Any of them are best handled by a public relations agency with experience in construction public relations and crisis management expertise.

Accidents and more

Here are four of the crisis situations that can erupt in the construction industry:

  1. Accidents: The best plan for worksite accidents is a comprehensive safety policy. But accidents can still happen, and the results can be catastrophic. The construction industry has some of the highest at-work injury and fatality rates of any occupations. Property damage, delays and litigation can also be major consequences of an accident. Having a plan for these worst-case scenarios will mean a coherent, compassionate message instead of a scattershot one.
  2. Quality issues: Reports of shoddy workmanship, cut corners and inferior materials can emerge any time during the construction process, or even after. Whether the responsibility lies with you, a distributor or a manufacturer, your company is connected and will likely be expected to account for its decisions and judgment. A carefully planned professional response can make this much more effective.
  3. Workplace incidents: The office isn’t immune from crisis. Whether it’s internal relations, employee misconduct or a bad actor on your property, what happens there will impact the public’s perception of the company. The best strategy is to be upfront and open and acknowledge the problem – but that can be harder than it sounds under pressure, and one wrong step can have serious legal or business consequences.
  4. Technology: Your customers and partners entrust your company with sensitive information. If that data is compromised, whether it’s an outside breach or internal negligence, it’s your responsibility to fix the problem, be transparent and offer a solution. That’s easier to do if you have a team of trained crisis professionals working with you.

A crisis is a crisis because you don’t see it coming. If you wait until disaster strikes, you’ve waited too long. If you’re ready to get a crisis management plan in place for your construction firm, we can help you get a jump on your worst-case scenarios. For more information, call (865) 977-1973 or contact Ripley PR online.


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