3 ways to build your credibility and positive reputation in your community

Having a solid reputation and credibility in your local community is always a positive when it comes to running a successful business. When customers decide on a company to work with, their loyalties tend to be with companies that have a history of success and trust.

A company’s reputation and credibility can be built on many different things. It can be based on work performance, community involvement or simply the people that work for it.

For some home service companies, knowing exactly how to build that reputation may be problematic — not because of a lack of skill, but because they do not possess the proper tools to get the word out. Those companies could be in need of home service public relations.

Public relation agencies, like Ripley PR, that have years of experience in the home service industry know how to utilize the tools at their disposal to help build a home service company’s reputation and credibility.

Below are three ways that Ripley PR can help you build a positive reputation:

  • Help the community by providing a service to a resident: Every community has people in need of assistance. You cannot put a dollar amount on how the community will react if you do just one good deed. A person could be low on funds and you could help by fixing their plumbing or HVAC system free of charge. In this case, a PR agency could then write a press release and get it in the hands of the local media. Our experts could pitch the story to other media outlets as well to make sure your company is known.
  • Celebrate your business accomplishments: When a company performs at a high level, it is important that the community is made aware of it. Whenever your company wins an award or simply receives praise from customers, let us know. We can help you utilize the tools in your possession to get the word out. Customer reviews are some of the strongest validations that a company can receive. Customers tend to listen to other customers.
  • Be consistent: Being recognized as an expert in your field is hard in any profession. One will not be viewed as an expert without consistency. Perform excellent work on a consistent basis. Having some amazing jobs and other jobs below par will only have customers searching for that consistency elsewhere.

If you are ready to take the plunge and improve your credibility and reputation from day one, give us a call. Our experts would be happy to talk to you. We can be reached at (865) 977-1973 or on our website.


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