3 Ways Specialized Franchise Public Relations Can Help with Seasonality

When you launch a new PR and marketing campaign for your franchise, it’s easy to get so focused on being a franchisor that you forget about the audiences you serve and the nuances of your specific industry. Attracting new franchise owners is the name of the game, and appearances in franchise trade media, rankings, awards and more all compete for your focus; However, each of your locations still contributes to your overall success, and the B2C challenges they’re facing have nothing to do with franchising.

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HVAC technician is bored in the off season

It is critical to remember that your franchises operate largely within the confines of a specific industry, and as such, they’re subject to the ebb and flow of that industry’s unique seasons and business trends. Besides being a franchise, for example, your business is still a residential HVAC service company and faces certain challenges during the slower seasons of early spring and fall. Can just any franchise public relations agency help?

Partnering with an experienced franchise public relations agency is one thing, but when you choose an agency with experience in your industry as well, you’re providing attention to both sides of your identity. They understand franchising, but they also understand the complicated nature of the HVAC biz. Simply put, a PR team with real experience in your field gets it.

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How can an experience public relations agency help?

  • During summer and winter, the urgent need for cooling and heating can often write your news by itself. During the off-seasons of spring and fall, however, top-of-mind awareness can become an issue. An agency that understands this can help brainstorm creative topics for press releases and create news for off-season attention.
  • They say content is king, and a steady stream of thoughtful, educational and compelling content during the slow months of your industry can help you fight for more leads. Knowing your industry greatly helps with SEO, too. An agency familiar with HVAC services understands the key terms homeowners are using as they search.
  • Having a PR team with a social media component can be vital for traction, but it’s important they have a grasp on the needs of your customer base. Well-planned social media posts and boosted ads can greatly enhance your leads during the slower seasons, and a social media specialist experienced in your industry can help you brainstorm ways to increase engagement across your accounts.

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To find out how a franchise public relations agency with experience in your industry can help you combat seasonal dips in business, contact Ripley PR today at (865) 977-1973.

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