3 Ways B2B Public Relations can help PEOs

As a Professional Employer Organization, you hold a tremendous amount of responsibility regarding a company’s workforce in your hands. You manage payroll, benefits, workers’ compensation and more for your clients, and the result of your efforts is a client company that can put more time and focus on providing excellence to their customers. Many companies can benefit from the services you provide, but often they either don’t know you exist or simply do not have a firm grasp on what exactly a PEO is.

Ripley PR has experience with professional employer organizations and knows that B2B public relations can play an important role in properly conveying the benefits PEOs provide.

3 ways B2B public relations can help strengthen a PEO’s brand and image are:

  1. Celebrate the victories. When a PEO demonstrates growth, enjoys expansion into new territories and is consistently increasing its client base or acquiring other PEO companies, it should be announced and celebrated. A b2b public relations agency familiar with PEOs will know what specific announcements are newsworthy and can make sure the right audiences receive the news through press releases and expertly targeted pitches.
  2. Help craft and distribute key messages. There are variations in PEOs, and different PEOs may specialize in certain services. The company’s key messages, both concerning any specialties and company core values, should be clearly communicated and made to permeate any outgoing communications such as press releases.
  3. Identify and target the right audiences. Just as PEOs can specialize in different services, PEOs may specialize in different industries as well. Experienced B2B public relations agencies can help PEOs target the right audiences by pitching their announcements and stories to the right publications and outlets at the right time.

To find out more about how professional employer organizations can benefit by partnering with an experienced B2B public relations agency, contact Ripley PR today.


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