3 tips to improve your medical device company’s content marketing strategy

During COVID-19, many businesses were devastated. But in the healthcare and medical device field, business never slowed down, and in fact, media jumped on healthcare-related stories non-stop. Many organizations could have used the help of a healthcare IT public relations firm to guide them through the maze of content strategy and marketing.

A knowledgeable public relations firm can help you know what content marketing strategies will work best for your firm, but here are three content marketing tips you can try to improve your brand’s strategy.Healthcare IT public relations Ripley PR

  1. Create white papers

One thing that’s been a success for medical device brands is offering well-written, informative white papers that customers can download. White papers can give a professional boost to your business by discussing the advantages and features of your product, without using salesy language. Those who download the paper input their information into your form, and you have leads you can follow up on.

  1. Repurpose content on various platforms

Once you have created a white paper or other content, you can take that content and with small tweaks, use it across all platforms. Be creative and think about how the existing content can be modified for Facebook or Instagram, as a blog or even as a script for a video. If your product is a complex technical healthcare or medical device, break up the content into small digestible bits that are better for social media posts.

  1. Create individualized landing pages

Based on how customers or clients find your healthcare IT device or product, you can use your existing content to create personalized landing pages on your website. If a user sees one of your ads on Facebook and clicks on it, make sure they are directed to a landing page tied to the Facebook ad for continuity. With targeted calls to action on each landing page, you can see how well each of your content marketing campaigns is doing.

With so much new technology in the healthcare IT and medical device industry, it’s hard to make your brand shine brightest through all the clutter. Hiring a healthcare IT public relations firm like Ripley PR, is the best way to get your healthcare brand the attention it needs. For more information call Ripley PR at 865-977-1973 or contact us here.


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