3 Tips to Beat the Shoulder Season

Seasonality. It’s one of the key challenges home service businesses face. There are times with high consumer demand, whether due to seasonal breakdowns, frozen pipes or peak building season. And there are slow times when the phone just won’t ring.

The HVAC industry is perhaps most affected by seasonality, so much that the slow times have gotten a nickname: the shoulder season. Typically fall and spring, the shoulder season is a time when some HVAC businesses are finding any work they can for technicians and sometimes even struggling to keep the lights on.

But a solid public relations strategy can help HVAC companies beat the shoulder season, building business that can see them through the slow times. Here are three home service public relations tips that can help.

1) Build Awareness

Do your customers know why they should schedule regular maintenance? Do they know the lifespan of an HVAC system or the signs that their system is nearing the end? Do they know the advantage of replacing their system now, before heat or cold arrive?

Maintenance and new installations can carry your company through the shoulder season, so it’s vital to raise awareness of these issues in your market. Blogs, appearances in local media and even social media posts can help get the message out.

2) Stay in Touch

The shoulder season isn’t a reason to stop promoting your business. Quite the opposite. It’s time to beef up communications with existing customers and new business alike. Email newsletters, sharable social media, speaking engagements and more can keep you top of mind for customers in your area.

3) Partner with a Pro

Building customer awareness 12 months a year is a lot of work, and you’re busy running your business. An experienced home service public relations agency can keep your marketing efforts going, keeping your content and outreach knowledgeable, professional and on-brand.

Ripley PR has years of experience in the home service industry, and we know the challenges your business faces. Your message is safe with us. We can get you through the shoulder season profitably, giving you firm footing to take off when business picks up.

For more information about the ways we can help you, just call us at (865) 977-1973 or contact Ripley PR online today.

Joel Davis, Content Supervisor

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