3 tips for choosing the right manufacturing public relations agency

Despite the challenges introduced by the pandemic, including tariffs and supply chain issues, many U.S. manufacturers and those focused on localized production are already experiencing a strong recovery. While cause for celebration, this also means that competition is mounting. To bolster capacity with effective recruiting and attract the attention of more buyers, it’s a great time to team up with an agency specializing in manufacturing public relations.

Should you add PR to your marketing plan?

Amar Hanspal, CEO of Bright Machines, recently cited in Forbes 5 reasons he believes manufacturing will evolve for the better over the course of this year. From investment in workforce development to focusing on sustainable initiatives, and from digital innovations on the factory floor to positive responses to increasing demand, manufacturers making the best of 2021 will have stories to tell. Increasing ad and marketing spend will help, certainly, but the right public relations team will be able to take these stories and translate them into earned media coverage, building trust, credibility and brand awareness for your company.Choosing the right manufacturing public relations team can help with recruiting

How do you choose the right agency?

When you decide to incorporate manufacturing public relations into your growth plan, it’s critical to find the right agency to represent your brand. Here are three tips for finding the next extension of your team, a true partner rather than a vendor:

  1. Search for a firm that truly understands the unique challenges facing manufacturers and can speak the language of the markets you serve. Whether you manufacture sustainable solutions, HVAC and plumbing equipment or automotive parts, your PR team should be able to competently speak the language.
  2. Do you need content support? Choosing a public relations agency with an experienced in-house content team will ensure proper development of case studies, bylined contributions, blogs and more.
  3. There’s more to building your brand than simply announcing new product updates. Are you recruiting? Have you unveiled a new scholarship program? Do you give back to the communities you serve? Seek an agency that will develop strategies to announce all of your good news, not just the latest advancements to your facilities and products.

If you would like to explore adding manufacturing public relations to your marketing plan, contact us at Ripley PR today by calling (865) 977-1973.

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