3 Things You Should Demand From Franchise PR

When franchise executives evaluate new owners, they look for certain characteristics and skills. An effective franchisee will have experience in the industry, experience in a leadership position, an entrepreneurial mindset, financial stability and a record of business achievement.   

Franchisors want someone they can trust with their brand, because the franchise’s overall success depends on the success of each individual local franchise. When franchise leaders choose a PR agency, they should take the same approach.

Experience and Expertise

The right franchise public relations agency is the one that understands your business and industry and has demonstrated success with franchise clients. You want to trust your franchise public relations specialists in the same way you trust your franchisees.

Here are three reasons why Ripley PR should be your franchise PR partner:

  1. Experience. You wouldn’t hire an auto mechanic to file your taxes or a cardiologist to paint your house. Why would you hire a PR firm that doesn’t have specific experience in your industry or with franchise clients? It’s essential to work with experts who understand your needs and expectations and can deliver your message to the right audience.
  2. Reliability. You depend on franchisees. They’re ambassadors to markets you couldn’t reach otherwise. You have to be able to your PR representatives, too. They’re your ambassadors to the influencers, tastemakers and potential customers that will help your brand grow.
  3. Results. A great personality and good intentions are part of what goes into a successful franchisee, but they have to be accompanied by results. The same standard applies for PR — a friendly relationship and positive vibes are important, but increasing brand awareness and building your company’s reputation matter more.

Public relations isn’t an exact science, but it shouldn’t be a mystery, either. You should be confident that your business is represented by people who are knowledgeable, informed and trustworthy. Ripley PR has extensive experience and a record of demonstrated success with franchise clients. If you’re ready to build your franchise with PR, contact Ripley PR today.

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