3 Things to Consider when Embracing PR

The old phrase “any publicity is good publicity” is commonly used, but that phrase isn’t at all true. If you had the choice to present your company in a positive light or a negative one, you would definitely choose the positive light, and that’s where B2B public relations comes in. The job of B2B public relations pros, like the ones at Ripley PR, is to present your company in a positive light by finding unique angles to position your brand as industry professionals and industry thought leaders.

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Embracing PR can be tough, but here are three things consider when deciding to take the next step:

  1. Identify a Need

One key to embracing public relations is simply identifying a need. Why do you need PR? What are you trying to change? Identifying the needs of your business can help form a clearer and focused plan that can help keep a public relations campaign on the right track.

  1. Make a Plan

After deciding that PR is the right choice, it’s time to plan out your goals. What do you want to accomplish? Perhaps its growing social media, earning more media placement, or even producing more content. By making a road map to success, your company will be able to keep all eyes ahead and focused on the same goal.

  1. Define Results

One of the toughest things to do in public relations is measure results. Public relations isn’t an “overnight” game-changer, it’s a long-term investment. Results can be tracked over time by seeking out the overall trend. Is revenue higher than last year? How is your social engagement compared to last year? Asking these key questions can help define success in your B2B public relations campaign.

A successful public relations operation can add excitement and energy around your brand and company. Having the right team of experts on your side is the key. At Ripley PR, we understand the needs of your B2B company, and we know how to promote SaaS to your prospective customers.

If you’re ready to embrace PR, give us a call at (865) 977-1973 or visit our website.


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