3 Steps to Increasing Booth Traffic at Auto Industry Trade Shows

As important as it is to find the right automotive public relations agency to help you find and participate in the top auto industry-related events, the most effective PR firm will leverage your trade show presence to encourage booth traffic, improving the ROI your company sees from its trade show activities.

Here are three areas where an experienced public relations agency will help increase booth traffic at the next event:

  •  Communication is keyTrade Show - Boosting your brand - Ripley PR

Letting conference or trade show attendees know that you’ll be at an event is key in order to spark their interest. However, without a public relations agency to promote your business’ brand and its products or services being offered at the show, a massive email campaign might fall flat without the right planning.
Before deciding on the right agency for you, make sure that they have automotive public relations experience, email marketing successes and understand the nuances and intricacies within the industry.

  • Booth graphics and collateral

Unless you have a knowledgeable in-house graphic designer, developing targeted  graphics and collateral that represent your brand’s identity can be a challenge for many businesses. The most effective collateral materials increase booth traffic, have a call to action and educate attendees on your company’s products and services.

Through a public relations agency that specializes in the automotive industry, you’ll be working with a team of knowledgeable professionals that will design the right materials for you.

  • Understand your audience

A public relations agency can help your company conduct research that will help you better understand your target audience, making it easier to communicate with them in the most effective manner and offer solutions to ease their pain points.

After any event or trade show, your public relations agency will also help you follow up with your new contacts, making sure that you build a strong relationship with them, continue to educate them on your products and services, and offer them easy ways to purchase through effective calls-to-action.

Are you ready to increase booth traffic and continue to create brand awareness? Contact Ripley PR at hripley@ripleypr.com and let us assist with your automotive public relations needs.

Heather Ripley, Founder/CEO

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