3 Reasons to Hire a PR Company that Understands the Home Service Industry

If you’re a business owner, you’ve already heard about how important public relations is.

Brand awareness, messaging and defining your target audiences are all key aspects of your business that PR touches. And all of those aspects go into building your Home service companies need home service public relations.company’s reputation in the industry and the local community.

But sometimes, hiring just any old, non-specialized PR agency can actually hurt you. Why? Because they don’t know your industry. They don’t understand the importance of local media coverage and trade-specific contacts the way a specialized home service public relations agency does.

So, here’s why finding a specialized home service PR agency is vital for your home service company:

You’ll reach the right audiences

If you’re not reaching the right audiences with your brand messaging, you’ll likely begin to feel like you’re talking to a brick wall.

A trusted, specialized PR agency will know all the right channels and contacts to use. They will understand the importance of making sure your name appears where potential customers can see it.

So let your specialized PR agency focus on reaching your target audiences while you focus on the other important aspects of running a successful, strong home service business!

Your message will be industry-specific – when it needs to be

Your specialized home service PR agency will know exactly when to use industry-specific lingo and jargon, and when to steer clear of it. And better yet – they’ll already understand and speak the lingo and jargon!

And in turn, while you focus on building a great business, your PR agency can focus on making sure you get all the best future customers and employees.

Trusting a generalized agency with your home service company’s messaging can create more work for you in educating them, because they won’t know the nuances of the difference audiences you’re trying to reach. Conversely, with a specialized PR team, you’ll know you won’t have to worry about how your message is being crafted.

Your business will grow

It’s simple – PR means managing your brand awareness, optics, messaging and reputation, which causes your company to become top-of-mind with customers and potential employees. That’s how PR grows businesses.

The catch is that only industry-specific PR teams will really understand how the home service field works and know all the players involved.

So PR is vital for company growth – but only if it’s the right kind of PR.

At Ripley PR, we know the home service field better than anyone. Our team members have been involved in the industry for over a decade, and we’d love to help you out! Contact us today at Ripley PR to find out more.

Joel Davis, Content Supervisor

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