3 reasons HVAC, plumbing and electrical companies should partner with a social media professional

It’s safe to say that no home service business owner would doubt the value of a social media presence in 2018 – to say that it’s anything less than a necessity at this point would require one lengthy explanation and quite a compelling argument.

Acknowledging the importance of not just having a social media presence but running a standout, winning campaign can bring up a few questions regarding execution, perhaps most importantly being the question of who will launch, manage and ultimately own your company’s social media identity.



Should it be tackled in-house or outsourced?







Well, the best answer might lie somewhere in between. The social media networks most widely trafficked for businesses, like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, seem to reward campaigns existing as a healthy blend of planned consistency and genuine spontaneity. Home service companies specializing in HVAC, plumbing and electrical endure seasonal business year, and during the hectic months of summer and fall, updating Facebook and choosing the right filters and hashtags for an Instagram post can fall completely off the priority list.

Three top reasons that home service companies should at least partner with a social media professional for a blended effort are:

  1. Planning ahead and maintaining consistency – It can be tough to fill in the gaps between those posts snapped at trade shows and the occasional live video. By having a professional develop calendars of meaningful content, you will always keep your feed hot with well-edited educational, impactful and timely content.
  2. Managing social media crises – What happens when a disgruntled former employee or unhappy customer decides to go on a social media tirade, complete with poor reviews and nasty public comments? Partnering with a social media professional means that you have someone else to watch your back during busy times and help craft timely but professional responses to negative reviews. They can also help make the decisions for when users should be blocked and reported and when content should be removed.
  3. Making data digestible – If you think there are a lot of metrics to watch and measure already in running your business, managing effective social media campaigns can add even more to your plate. Between likes, followers, engagement, click-throughs, cost per click and more, there can be a lot to keep up with. Bringing in the lot of business-focused campaign data to measure can be absolutely overwhelming to even the most seasoned personal social media users.

Effectively managing your business’s social media presence across multiple sites can provide measurable benefits, including lead capture, generating referrals, recruiting new talent and simple top-of-mind awareness, and a little help could go a long way.

To find out how partnering with an experienced social media professional can help boost your home service company’s online reputation performance, contact Ripley PR today.

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