3 reasons construction tech public relations earns coverage

Your construction tech brand just announced a new product that allows everyone from the top to the bottom to collaborate on a project. Your company just announced a new software update that allows email filings or RFI proposals to be handled more efficiently.

Through an experienced team like Ripley PR, construction tech public relations can be used to earn media opportunities for news like above.

Whether it’s a podcast or an article in the New York Times, earned media coverage can be a positive for your brand, and you don’t have to pay for it!

Brand Awareness

First and foremost, earned media placement means that you’ve garnered an opportunity in an outlet based on story and merit. It’s not based on dollars spent with the publication.  Construction tech public relations can help garner coverage

If you have a guest article in Construction Executive about some of the very problems you’re addressing, that’s awareness for the brand. If your company news about an update or a hire appears on the Wall Street Journal or in Construction Dive, that’s awareness for the brand. This is perhaps the most important aspect of earned media coverage and can increase your ROI without having to use any advertising dollars.

However, it goes deeper than that, your target audience must also trust your brand.

Thought Leadership

You’re a leader in the construction tech space. Your product is changing the way the projects are handled from start to finish. You’re simplifying the communication process for an entire industry.

How? Why? Earned media coverage can allow you to give voice and insight that will help you to be viewed as a leader in space. They can hear and see the knowledge you have. In turn, being viewed as a thought leader, can earn more trust for your brand.

Building Relationships

By producing a great product and then supporting it with great content and interviews, journalists will be more likely to come back to the well for a drink of water.

If an editor at The Washington Post or Civil + Structural Engineer knows that you’re educated and well-spoken on the industry subjects, then that will set you up for continuous opportunities down the road that they may reach out on.

If you’d like to get started with construction tech public relations, give us a call at 865-977-1973 or contact us online.


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