3 Keys to Choosing the Best Construction Company Spokesperson

One of the most important assets to any company is the spokesperson. This person is often the face of the company in the media, and is typically the go-to name for any interviews or other correspondence that will represent the company. At Ripley PR, we understand the value of having a superstar spokesperson, and with years of construction PR experience, we can help you decide on the best person for the job.


Here are three keys to choosing the right company spokesperson:

  1. Public Speaking Experience

Do you remember watching presentations in grade school and the speaker filling their presentation with “umms” and “errs?” How about the awkward pauses and shakiness? These are all results of a lack of experience. Having experience in public speaking can be key to having a successful spokesperson. They will have a better understanding of how to “read the room,” have better point-and-talk skills, and will generally feel more at-ease.

  1. Authority Figure

When engaging the media, they typically want to hear from a company decision maker. Choosing a spokesperson with leverage in the company is important, but make sure their schedule is fluid enough to adapt to media/speaking requests. Having somebody in the corporate hierarchy can help build trust and credibility between the company and the media.

  1. Industry Knowledge

Think back to those grade school presentations. Do you remember the speaker who was trying to present a report on a book they didn’t read? Construction spokespeople work the same way. It’s imperative to have industry knowledge of current products, trends, and customer needs. If your spokesperson has no industry knowledge, it will eliminate credibility during their speaking engagements and present the company in a negative light.

Spokespeople are a valuable asset. Having a stellar spokesperson can build trust and credibility with not only the media, but also with potential customers. By partnering with a team of construction public relations experts like those at Ripley PR, you can have confidence that your construction company will be positioned as a leader and expert in the construction industry.

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