3 B2B Public Relations Myths to Put to Bed

Construction meetingAt Ripley PR, one of our specialties is B2B public relations. We work with companies all across the globe that don’t sell a single item to consumers. Along the way, we’ve found that there are some misconceptions about public relations and how useful it can be for business-to-business companies.

From believing PR won’t benefit them to having a perception that they don’t have anything to publicize, there are plenty of myths floating around. To the contrary, one would be hard-pressed to find a company or organization that couldn’t benefit from quality public relations, whether they’re B2C, B2B, a non-profit organization or a government contractor.

Here are three common B2B PR myths we hear (along with some quotes we sometimes hear) from businesses hesitant to engage in a PR campaign. Of course, none of these are true, but the perception still persists.

  1. “I’m not selling to individual consumers, so why do I care about being in the media?”

There are business leaders of distributors, manufacturers and other B2B industries that think public relations is only for consumer-facing companies. However, there are plenty of ways that public relations can reach B2B audiences. Sure, your company may be trying to sell 1,000 products to one consumer instead of getting 1,000 people to buy one product, but that person is still a consumer of news, and public relations can get your product or service in front of them in a way a salesperson can’t.

  1. “Public relations is only for big companies.”

Companies of all sizes can benefit from B2B public relations. At Ripley PR we see it firsthand, as we’ve helped achieve the media goals of companies ranging from fewer than 50 employees to those with thousands of employees across the globe. The PR goals may differ with companies based on their size, but the fact B2B public relations works is beyond debate.

  1. “I don’t have an audience that PR can reach.”

B2B companies are generally fishing a smaller pond than consumer-facing companies. That much is true. However, as long as your company is selling something, then you have an audience. Maybe that audience is corporate purchasers, facility managers or engineers. Regardless, there are people you need to reach to make sales, and those people can be targeted using PR.

It’s time to put these three B2B public relations myths to bed so that B2B companies can expand their outreach and get in front of the decision makers who will buy their product. Letting these myths prevent you from doing B2B PR is only doing your company a disservice because there’s one more myth some companies also believe: “My competitors aren’t doing PR.”

If you want to increase leads, hire great employees, or grow your B2B company’s profile, we can help. Contact Ripley PR today at 865.977.1973.


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