How do we increase lead generation for franchise development

The one thing that keeps a franchise growing is constant lead generation. A public relations agency that specializes in franchise development can help in many ways. Ripley PR can accomplish this goal for your company by developing a comprehensive public... Read more

Three reasons why your manufacturing company needs PR

Ripley PR specializes in manufacturing public relations and one question that we get asked often is “why in the world does a manufacturing company need PR?” There are three excellent reasons why these businesses need public relations. Recruiting – The... Read more

Social Media Updates for Construction Companies

As construction companies continue to find ways to utilize their advertising dollars to drive growth, the influx of opportunities to use social media to drive brand recognition can cause a great deal of confusion. Having a partner like Ripley PR... Read more

Bill Mattern Joins Ripley PR as President

Global PR agency specializing in franchise, home service and B2B hires Mattern to add expertise in business management Ripley PR, a global public relations agency specializing in franchise, home service and B2B, has added Bill Mattern to its growing team... Read more

The Importance of Having a Professional LinkedIn Profile

With the emerging importance of the various platforms of social media, there is one thing you must keep in mind if you are in a B2B business. You must have a professional LinkedIn profile.  We have noticed over the past... Read more

How to Turn Bad PR into Good PR

Evernote has recently been doing damage control in the media following an announcement to a change to their privacy policy. The changes made it seem like they don’t care about the privacy of their customers, and their customers expressed their... Read more

Heather Ripley, CEO of Ripley PR, featured on The Native Society

The following interview with Heather Ripley, CEO of Ripley PR, appeared Dec. 27, 2016 on Heather Ripley is the founder and CEO of Ripley PR, a global public relations agency specializing in companies involved in the building trades, franchising,... Read more

Why it’s Important That My Company Gives Back

The problem is bigger than most people imagine, and it’s easy to get involved in your own Christmas plans and let someone else help. I am proud to work at Ripley PR, a Knoxville PR agency based in Maryville, because... Read more

When do I need a white paper for my B2B business?

Regardless of what industries that your B2B business serves, having a B2B public relations partner like Ripley PR can offer assistance in the marketing and promotion of your B2B clients. One of the most important aspects of a B2B public... Read more

Healthcare IT public relations Ripley PR

PR can drive more business for healthcare IT companies

For many in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries, the costs associated with healthcare product development and management are staggering. Studies have shown that the time frame of developing a drug can take over 12 years to get full approvals and... Read more

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