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Best media coverage isn’t given – it’s earned

Press placement can bolster your credibility and create brand buzz Even the most seasoned journalists (including those who work here at Ripley) would agree: Don’t believe everything you read in the press. Most of those same journalists, however, would also... Read more

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Creating a presence: How to present yourself in a media interview

3 tips to successfully represent yourself and your brand in an interview If you’re the spokesperson for your manufacturing company, you’re in the unique position of representing not only yourself, but also your brand. This is an important opportunity, because... Read more

How Would You Handle An Emergency? It Pays to Prepare

It happens in every business, every company. The normal, smooth, daily flow of operations is interrupted. Maybe an employee gets hurt, or there is a chemical leak of some sort. Maybe someone in the company gets arrested. The crisis may... Read more

Can You Prepare for the Unexpected?

As a business owner, you know to expect the unexpected, especially in the home services industry. Pipes burst, storms hit – things happens. But when the unexpected does hit your business, are you prepared for what to do? A PR... Read more


How to Protect Your Company’s Reputation with the Media

Worried about putting your B2B reputation in jeopardy when dealing with the media? Don’t stress. There is one simple document that can save you and your company the headache of getting things right: a B2B public relations media policy. A... Read more

#TechnologyAndStuff: 3 Ways to Turn Bad PR into Good PR

When the Giants beat the Royals in Game 7 to win the World Series last week, attention turned to an unlikely contender at the games. Rikk Wilde, a regional manager for Chevrolet, presented World Series MVP Madison Bumgarner with a... Read more

B2B Public Relations: Choosing Your Brand’s Crisis Spokesperson

If you’ve watched the news or followed social media during a company crisis, you know how critical and memorable the moments that follow are to a brand. Retweeted and replayed quotes from media interviews become the public’s association with your... Read more

Media Training: 4 Tips to a Great Interview

Whether you are giving a live TV or radio interview or sitting down with a reporter from a print publication, taking time to prepare and understand the interview is vital. At Ripley PR, we often coach our B2B public relations... Read more

B2B Public Relations: Is the Press Release Still Relevant?

It’s one of the most hotly debated topics in public relations today: are press releases still worthwhile? At Ripley PR, we make use of press releases as part of our clients’ B2B public relations strategy. We believe they are still... Read more

Media Training: Preparation is Key

“Before anything else, preparation is the key to success.” – Alexander Graham Bell Preparing for a media interview is very important. No matter if it’s a quick phone interview or a sit-down lengthy interview being taped for TV, being prepared... Read more

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