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Can PR increase your credibility?

Can public relations increase your home service business credibility? To answer that question, we need to understand the definition of credibility. Credibility is defined as the amount of trustworthiness or expertise that a company has in the eyes of its... Read more

How do You Become an Expert in Your Market?

We get this question a lot from business owners in the home service – HVAC, plumbing and electrical – industries. You spend your life building a business and developing knowledge that makes you successful, and you would like to leverage... Read more

How can PR help you recruit technicians?

Job opportunities in the home services industry are begging for people to fill them. The average age of a professional trades person is 55 and many have already retired. Finding experienced and qualified technicians remains a big challenge. According to... Read more

Why it’s important to pay attention to your online reviews

“The customer service was terrible!” “They promised me they would be here by 10 am and they didn’t show up until after 3 pm!” “The technician had no idea what they were doing!” If you read reviews like these about... Read more

How good storytelling can help get your good news out to the world

No matter what type of business you are in, you have a story to tell. It could be that your business was started in your garage and worked up to having multiple locations or you may have had your home... Read more

What is Earned Media?

When you hear someone talk about a product or service, you tend to pay more attention than if you see a paid advertisement about the same subject. That’s earned media. Simply put, this is media that is earned rather than... Read more

Seven Reasons Online Reviews Matter for Home Service Businesses

Your online reviews matter. Here’s how to maximize them. According to a 2015 North American consumer focused survey by BrightLocal, local businesses have a lot to gain from making sure their online reviews are working for them, not against them.... Read more

Positive home service online reviews

Who’s responding to your home service company reviews?

Better management of your online reviews can boost your home service business Google, Yahoo!, Bing, Yelp, HomeAdvisor – you name it – if you can search for home service companies online, your customers can leave reviews about the work done... Read more

DIY HVAC home service public relations disaster

Should you take a DIY approach to promoting your home service business?

Three reasons to hire a professional to promote your HVAC business If you own a home service HVAC repair business, chances are you’ve walked into your fair share of DIY disasters. You’ve probably met all kinds of customers who have... Read more

Price war in home service sector

Avoiding Commoditization: How to Take Your Residential HVAC Business to the Next Level

Four ways to beat your competition, regardless of price Whether you like it or not, your home service business is viewed as a commodity to most home owners. What this means is that the majority of your potential customers may... Read more

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