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If you’ve got it, flaunt it

How becoming a thought leader can impact your business’ bottom line No matter your industry, your customers have pain points. They have problems that need solutions, they have questions that need answers, and they need someone like you to be... Read more

Awards are important: Why your business should want to win

As a business leader you know recognition is important. You want your company to win awards, but you’re not sure it’s a good investment in time or money. In some cases, the awards come with tangible benefits such as workshops,... Read more

7 Tips to Get the Most out of LinkedIn

LinkedIn has long been popular with B2B companies to achieve their marketing goals. This social media platform has remained popular with college graduates and high-income earners, based on a recent study from the Pew Research Center.  Half (50 percent) of... Read more

B2B Public Relations

Why you should hire a specialist B2B PR agency

You’re a business owner in a specialty, niche industry, and you are looking to boost your B2B profile. You’ve heard from fellow colleagues and competitors that there are specialty public relations agencies out there that could help you, but you’re... Read more

B2B Public Relations and Social Media Challenges

When it comes to social media campaigns for your B2B organization, taking the time to review what you are trying to say, who your target audience is and how the message that you are trying to convey will be received... Read more

Three Reasons to Take Advantage of Twitter

If you approach Twitter as just another medium for broadcasting your company’s communications, you have missed the point. And you have missed a gold mine of ways for your business to make some connections that could turn out to be... Read more

How PR Can Give Your Commercial Architecture Firm a Boost

How are your prospective clients finding you? If someone searches for an architecture firm online in your city, where does your website fall in the search? What content are they reading about your firm? According to a recent infographic, 74%... Read more

Should You Ever Turn Down a Media Interview?

If the opportunity aligns with your target audience, I’m usually going to recommend you do it. Media interviews give you the chance to tell your story. They are the source of what’s called earned media, which gives you instant third-party credibility... Read more

How to Turn Bad PR into Good PR

Evernote has recently been doing damage control in the media following an announcement to a change to their privacy policy. The changes made it seem like they don’t care about the privacy of their customers, and their customers expressed their... Read more

How to Protect Your Company’s Reputation with the Media

Your reputation is everything. You earn it every day by being forthright and honest, doing what you say you will do, and having integrity in your dealings with others. In B2B public relations, media relations is a key part of... Read more

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