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Franchise expansion tips from public relations experts

Are you ready for rapid franchise expansion?

Tips from franchise public relations experts to grow your franchise When a small to mid-sized business offers a good enough product or service and owns a concept that appeals to enough people, franchising becomes a powerful and profitable next step.... Read more

Narrative Hooks: The Power of Storytelling in Marketing

Stories make the world go round. Even the world of B2B and franchise public relations. People don’t simply buy products or services. They are often buying stories – the stories of the customers who talk about your products and who... Read more

How to Use Earned Media to Attract New Franchisees

Franchise prospects believe third party endorsements over paid ads   When it comes to franchise businesses, potential franchisees are like consumers – they place a higher significance on bylined articles, media coverage and client testimonials than on splashy ads. Why?... Read more

win win solutions for franchise development

Win-win: How PR can help improve awareness for your franchisees

(And generate franchise leads in the process) If you’re running a franchise, you generally have two goals: Grow the number of franchisees you have Ensure your franchisees are successful Franchise public relations can help you improve both franchise development and... Read more

How Franchise Public Relations can help to Generate Leads

As a franchisor, you are in the business of selling franchises. And you can’t sell a franchise, if you don’t have leads. So what can you do differently to grab the attention of your ideal franchisee? How do you make... Read more

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How to Get the Most Out of Your Franchise Development

Three ways public relations generates franchise leads If you’re looking to generate qualified leads for your franchise, public relations is an important part of your franchise development strategy. Public relations helps you maintain a strong market presence over time, which... Read more

Why it’s important to have a franchise social media policy

Think about the social media presence of your franchise. (If you don’t have a social media presence, we need to talk.) Social media usually consists of a combination of Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for promotion, engagement and interaction with customers.... Read more

Why is it important to have an online newsroom?

When it comes to franchise public relations, there are certain practices your PR agency should be doing to help you build your brand. One of those things is writing and promoting press releases that are going to represent you and... Read more

Four signs it’s time for your franchise to break up with your PR agency

Four signs it’s time for your franchise to break up with your PR agency

How to know when you should move on to another franchise public relations partner With any business partnership, there’s always a risk that things might go south or not work out. There are usually signs of a potential break up,... Read more

Search engine optimization - franchise public relations - Ripley PR

How press releases improve SEO for your franchise

Two ways press releases increase website traffic to your franchise website As franchise public relations experts, we know that first and foremost the goal of any press release should be to share newsworthy information about your franchise and franchisees. A... Read more

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