Franchise Public Relations

Five key ways Ripley PR can bolster your business

  From content development to crisis management, you need PR pros We’re in the shadow of the Great Smoky Mountains, but we get our clients plenty of light across the country and around the world. Ripley PR is a Knoxville-area... Read more

franchise lead communication breakdown

How are you responding to franchise leads?

Three ways to better speak to your franchisee prospects “We’ve been doing it this way for years.” The above statement, while probably accurate, is the unfortunate mantra of some franchisors—mostly those who are stuck in a lead generation rut. It’s... Read more


Is your franchise stuck in the Stone Age?

Why slow adoption to technology is killing your franchise growth For the massive amount of technology we have at our finger tips, there’s an even more surprising amount of businesses and entrepreneurs who don’t take advantage of it. They’re called... Read more

Best media coverage isn’t given – it’s earned

Press placement can bolster your credibility and create brand buzz Even the most seasoned journalists (including those who work here at Ripley) would agree: Don’t believe everything you read in the press. Most of those same journalists, however, would also... Read more

How to Use PR to Build Your Brand

Strategic Franchise Public Relations Will Help Grow Your Brand Branding is a term that is used in the franchise public relations industry (and others) to describe a number of activities a PR agency might use to increase awareness of your franchise... Read more

Your Franchise Needs a Social Media Strategy

Just when you think your franchise is doing great and your franchisees are off and running, one of them decides to go rogue on social media. They start posting to every imaginable platform with information few of your customers will... Read more

public relations to help boost franchise development

Three ways to boost awareness for your franchise

How to promote your franchise brand and boost qualified leads (starting today) As a growing franchise, there’s nothing better than seeing more and more qualified leads pop up month over month—especially when those leads turn into franchise agreements. Though to... Read more

How content can help you close that franchise deal

Expert content can generate interest and leads for your franchise business There are many tools in the franchise marketing toolbox, and we use a lot of them here at Ripley, a global franchise public relations agency. We support the franchisees... Read more

Let LinkedIn help you with franchise development

Five ways LinkedIn can help you attract prospective franchisees LinkedIn is a social networking site designed specifically for business. The goal of the site is to allow members to establish and document networks of people they know and trust professionally.... Read more

Franchise expansion tips from public relations experts

Are you ready for rapid franchise expansion?

Tips from franchise public relations experts to grow your franchise When a small to mid-sized business offers a good enough product or service and owns a concept that appeals to enough people, franchising becomes a powerful and profitable next step.... Read more

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