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PR Helps Construction Companies Work Smarter

Commercial construction companies often don’t think about adding B2B public relations to their toolbox, but they really should if they want to work smarter. A good PR agency with experience providing construction public relations support can help any construction company... Read more

How PR Can Give Your Commercial Architecture Firm a Boost

How are your prospective clients finding you? If someone searches for an architecture firm online in your city, where does your website fall in the search? What content are they reading about your firm? According to a recent infographic, 74%... Read more

Why your construction company website is critical

The old saying that only two things in life are certain has been amended in our digital age, because the only certainties in life now are death, taxes and every business needs a website. Having a website is critical for... Read more

Should you use Instagram for your construction projects?

When you think of amazing architecture and building design, what immediately comes to mind? For some, it may be a Frank Lloyd Wright creation, while others may think of the amazing skyscrapers in New York or even Dubai. Regardless of... Read more

Why construction companies need crisis plans

Does your construction company have a crisis plan in place? Construction can be a risky business and although your business is no doubt doing everything possible to prevent the worst, accidents do happen. It is not a matter of “if”... Read more

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What are you really building? Five questions to ask about your construction business

How to stand out from the competition and attract more customers If you’re looking to grow your business in the construction industry, you’ve got to get your name out there. As construction public relations experts, we know how effective it... Read more

Good PR can help you win that RFP

Responding to request for proposals (RFPs) could be the lifeblood of your construction business. However, there are many pitfalls to the process and it can take hours to complete each RFP. Questions you may ask yourself could include whether you... Read more

Why Hire a Specialist Agency?

Let’s assume you understand all the reasons why it’s good to have a good PR firm in your corner. You understand that getting your good news into credible publications is better by far than paying for advertising. You want to... Read more

How to leverage Pinterest and Instagram to get more People to notice your Projects

People looking to hire a commercial construction or architecture company will want to know more about your project history and areas of expertise. Through years of experience, the construction public relations professionals at Ripley PR have found that one of... Read more

How Do You Get Your Construction Projects To Be Seen On Google?

If we could tell you how to get your construction projects to appear on page one of a Google search without hard work, we’d package that and move to Tahiti. Fun to think about but not realistic. As construction public... Read more

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