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Can public relations help your construction company expand?

Do you want to expand your construction company, but you don’t know how to take your business to the next level? There are important reasons for making public relations a key element of your expansion strategy. PR involves a variety... Read more

Social Media Credibility

Three ways you can increase your credibility with social media

  The home service industry is extremely competitive and your credibility is everything. It can make or break your company. Do you know you can increase your company’s credibility by using social media? Here are three ways social media can... Read more

Boost Your LinkedIn Lead Generation with These Three Tips

If your LinkedIn page is not generating leads for you, you need to change your mindset about this powerful network. The majority of the people see LinkedIn as a job site, where you make your resume digital, put up a... Read more

Franchise Public Relations Ripley PR

Can PR increase your credibility?

Can public relations increase your home service business credibility? To answer that question, we need to understand the definition of credibility. Credibility is defined as the amount of trustworthiness or expertise that a company has in the eyes of its... Read more

Can third party endorsements help your sales?

In the construction business, you are always trying to find the best way to get your prospective customer to agree to choose you as the contractor for their project. You have rehearsed how to respond to all of the objections... Read more

How are your competitors getting so many mentions in the trade magazines?

Are you flipping through the different trade publications and getting frustrated because you continue to see the same competitors mentioned? Not in an advertisement, but in an actual article. How are they continuing to make it into these articles, but... Read more

Why should PR be in your marketing strategy

Why should PR be in your marketing strategy?

Often businesses hire an advertising or marketing firm and think that is all they need to push their business to the next level and reach their target market. One of the tools we have found that many companies are leaving... Read more

How do we increase lead generation for franchise development

The one thing that keeps a franchise growing is constant lead generation. A public relations agency that specializes in franchise development can help in many ways. Ripley PR can accomplish this goal for your company by developing a comprehensive public... Read more

Three reasons why your manufacturing company needs PR

Ripley PR specializes in manufacturing public relations and one question that we get asked often is “why in the world does a manufacturing company need PR?” There are three excellent reasons why these businesses need public relations. Recruiting – The... Read more

The Importance of Having a Professional LinkedIn Profile

With the emerging importance of the various platforms of social media, there is one thing you must keep in mind if you are in a B2B business. You must have a professional LinkedIn profile.  We have noticed over the past... Read more

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