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8 Signs it’s Time to Partner with a PR Agency

Here’s how your home service business can build a solid reputation and reach more homeowners You probably started in the home service business like so many others have – working hard as a technician in a truck and putting in... Read more

Exit Strategy: Here’s How One Ripley PR Client Came Full Circle to Create, and then Exit an Empire

For many businesses, survival is the main focus. But for one of our long-time clients at Ripley PR, it’s the opposite. Statistics tells us that a majority of businesses fail within the first two years. If a business lasts longer... Read more

Leveraging PR to Highlight your Plant-Based Product

We are seeing more and more brands become vegan friendly. From supermarket offerings, to clothing, to restaurant menu options, wine, and home goods, we are seeing more variety available for consumers in this high-growth niche every day. According to GlobalData’s... Read more

How to Make Your Plant-Based Brand Stand Out from the Competition

America’s plant-based market is booming. If your company makes plant-based or vegan products in the B2B or B2C marketplace, and therefore “in” on the movement, you may think that’s all you need to do to be noticed. However, have you walked... Read more

How to Use PR to Build Your Brand

Strategic Franchise Public Relations Will Help Grow Your Brand Branding is a term that is used in the franchise public relations industry (and others) to describe a number of activities a PR agency might use to increase awareness of your franchise... Read more

Raise the Roof: How Public Relations Can Help Your Commercial Roofing Company

Commercial roofing companies face daunting challenges in the marketplace. With a seasonal business model, it can be either feast or famine when it comes to generating leads. The services of an experienced commercial roofing public relations agency can help generate... Read more

You garnered earned media for your company! Now what?

Here’s how to leverage the coverage to build your brand   Great! Your business was successful in getting earned media coverage for your brand. Even better, your business is about to attend a trade show. How do you leverage that... Read more

How to Use Earned Media to Attract New Franchisees

Franchise prospects believe third party endorsements over paid ads   When it comes to franchise businesses, potential franchisees are like consumers – they place a higher significance on bylined articles, media coverage and client testimonials than on splashy ads. Why?... Read more

Does Your Company Need a Specialist Agency?

As a specialty public relations agency, Ripley PR concentrates on B2B public relations. And within that specialty area, we further drill down our areas of business expertise into specific industries. We like it that way because it is beneficial to... Read more

If You Build It They Will Come: Creating Goodwill for Your Manufacturing Business Through PR

You’re a manufacturer. You build things like jet engines and tile and stuffed animals. That’s what you sell. Who needs manufacturing public relations when all you have to do is make your widgets to succeed? If you’ll pardon a little... Read more

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